In a normal world I’d like to report on Patriarch Kirill being presented with an adorable Corgi pup in London, and the renaissance of Christianity in Russia after 70 years of harsh Communist oppression. But we don’t live in a normal world, so I’m reposting, via LL, O’Keefe’s Democratic Party incitement to violence expose.
See LL for short commentary. Here’s a snapshot:

If it had been Republicans doing this, the Department of Justice/FBI would have been all over it. Indictments would have been handed down, the outrage from the left would have been dripping from every media outlet. It only underscores the corrupt system that we live under and the tolerance that the progressives have for felonious misconduct when it is perpetrated by their own.

O’Keefe’s slot on Fox News was pulled. Watch the video before it’s banned.