Democrats dump on Trump with a tape of him being as lewd as a Bronze Age chieftain, Gennifer Flowers quotes Bill about Hill’s sex drive and Assange drops a cluster bomb on Podesta, revealing that rags to riches champion of oppressed women everywhere is, in fact, an inside-the-beltway NWO elite globalist shill. Hunh. Now we know.
In the meanwhile, the country’s $20 trillion in debt and climbing, our manufacturing center’s hollowed out, our inner cities are urban hellholes, schools are worse than a joke and people are talking about slinging BIG ONES around. Show that sonofabitch we mean business about backing up our allies Al Qaeda and ISIS, goddammit. And oh, we’ve got the world’s largest prison population. The list goes on.
So don’t get distracted by anything serious like, you know, the sex lives of our rulers.
It’s official. We’ve reached peak insanity.
That is all.