How did DNC chairwoman, Donna Brazile, get town hall debate questions from CNN ahead of time? Good question, Megynne Kelly, let’s see how Donna explains it, in her own words:

“As a Christian woman, I understand persecution. Your information is false. What you’re — well, for suggestive e-mails were stolen. You’re interested and you’re like a thief that wants to bring into the night the things that.”

Got that? Then, just to hammer her point home, Donna finished off the segment by telling Megynne:

“Go to Russia.”

Now we know. Megynne Kelly is a Russian saboteur in the service of the Red Spymaster, Julian Assange, attempting to destroy and persecute the gospel Christian citizenry of the Democratic National Committee.
Well there’s genius, and there’s genius. But Megynne Kelly, a saboteur? That’s a different story.
Your Old Pal,