There were no flies on Hillary tonight, as she defended partial birth abortion and accused WikiLeaks, and presumably Julian Assange, of being Russian saboteurs.
Really, the Podesta emails are a Russian plot? As one commentator put it, “So the Russians hacked their emails, but what’s in them?” Nothing good for the Clinton campaign, which is perhaps why Hillary seemed off-balance at this debate, often stumbling in her delivery and resorting to endless ad hominem attacks on Donald Trump. Sure, smug blasts of shrill maybe one form of attack, but it didn’t sound good.
Unlike Hillary’s self-assured “strong defense of borders” delivery, which sounded great until she was asked by the moderator to explain her  leaked speech to Brazilian bankers stating, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.” That sounded bad, as if, sink me, she was a liar. 
Hillary tried to explain that away by referring to bankers and the movement of money, or something. Whatever, it sounded weak, and that’s just it.
Hillary sounded shrill and lame tonight and Trump sounded more assured and on top of the debate than he’s done so far. Perhaps that’s not saying much, but there it is. Not so much the mad bomber as the less-orange-than-he-used-to-be President in waiting and a man who wants to reverse the hollowing out of America. 
Face it, let’s get jobs and industry back resonates.
Hillary pretty much began the debate by defending partial birth abortion and concluded by telling the world that she was the champion of children. 
The flies were obviously invisible.