Have you noticed how every time Wikileaks dumps a thousand or so email revelations on Team Clinton, and it’s daily, the war drums pound louder?
Like, how dare they expose us for being corrupt pay-to-play Saudi Arabian proxies. Even Great Britain’s fabled RAF (who knew there still was one) is getting in on the act, with pilots being given the green light to shoot down Russian planes. And on, and on.
Senator Kerry
Really? We’re getting ready to go to war with Russia in order to protect our allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, ISIS and Al Queda? So that Candidate Hillzebub Clinton can preside in satanic majesty over a radioactive wasteland?
Recall the flies. The spirits of the pit do not think as the living.
Hillzebub! Hillzebub! War! War! War! Hillzebub! Hillzebub!
I thought we’d reached peak insanity a week or so ago. I was wrong. It’s climbing.