It sure is. At the eleventh hour, right before Campaign Hillary was gearing up for a final push to victory, the White House and power, out pops the infamous Weiner. And everything inside the proverbial goldmine of the presidential race gets weird and unhinged.
It seems that the disgraced Congressman wasn’t content to send lewd photos of himself to underage girls, he also had thousands of incriminating Clinton emails on his laptop. And these were, lo and behold, discovered by the FBI. All thanks to his long-suffering Djinn wife, Huma Abedin, Hillary’s notorious “right hand,” who used the Weiner laptop.
Bad news for the Djinn, bad news for Hillary, bad news for Weiner, maybe he’s on “suicide watch.” Who knows.
What we do know, of course, is that FBI Director James Comey decided to break this news, despite AG Loretta Lynch’s recommendation, to Congress at a critical point in the Clinton Campaign’s bid for power. Why? Because he was genuinely afraid that the scandal would leak and he’d look like even more of a corrupted crony than he already does? Because some one or thing paid him a bigger fee than he’d already received from Team Clinton?
Or perhaps because the Deep State finally decided that leaking, scandal-ridden, incompetent, psychotic Hillary was a liability and had to be taken down. Sorry, Jim, this is just the way it is. Make the call. We need to bring the Dybbuk down.
What can we say, weird scenes inside the goldmine indeed.