Via EBL: Israeli Defense Forces rallied, however, and managed to cut off a large portion of the Egyptian army and IDF forces got within twenty miles of Cairo (and the only reason the Israeli army stopped was political, not due to any significant military resistance at that point). The war ended up being settled by a brokered agreement pushed through by Henry Kissinger and the Americans. 

I remember the detritus of that war when I visited friends as a young ‘un. One of them had been part of the Entebbe raid. Respect.
Just Some Guys
But look here, leftists. Will you be satisfied when Israel is driven into the sea? No. You won’t be satisfied until the West is Muslim and no more.
Remember this, nihilists, that Europe is the Faith and that, per Sobieski and Don Juan, has a habit of rebounding.
Deus Vult,