As America erupted in a frenzy of mall brawl shopping and Team LSP tended the grill, Satan Inc. was getting ready to pour yet more millions of dollars into Hillary’s ego.
Fill The Ego!
Not content with her puppeteer losing the election, Hillary’s proxy, Jill “spend those socialist millions” Stein, was ramping up to challenge the results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Despite there being no evidence of hacking or fraud other than, you know, Hillary losing the vote.
Nice Pizza, Hillary
Let’s see what kind of ROI Hillary’s deep pocketed investors donors get out of launching this next tranche of big money into the Clintonian bottom line. If nothing, will they want their money back?
As you ponder that, ask yourself whether Podesta’s emails have anything to do with pizzagate pedophilia. Not that he’s a Crowleyite ritual magicke occcultist or anything.
Reports of the Archbishop of Canterbury fighting over flatscreens at Walmart Black Friday Supersales in New Jersey may or may not be true.
That is all.