To celebrate America’s new dawn we loaded up the pickup with guns and headed out to the country. A few minutes later we were on a friend’s farm, lining up against a burn pile with a .38 Special, a Glock 21 and an AR15.
Do you remember Hillary? She wanted to ban these guns but failed and fell into a pyschotic drunken rage, tearing at Mook and Podesta as the vote came down past midnight. Boom,  Witch, you lose. A doctor had to administer sedatives, just to calm her down.
The guns performed flawlessly in the searing heat of an autmnal Texan Fall. Take that, 5th Columnist water bottle, take that big time. Same applies to you, Jerrycan, and you too derelict license plate. 
Driving through this town’s dystopic outlet mall after the shoot  you couldn’t help but notice the legend, Guilt Free Shopping. Maybe that’s because all the shops are shut, as in, gone bust. In Trump’s America that’s going to change, we hope.
After that it was fried pie and what can I say? Life is good.
Gun rights,