In Safe Space no one can hear you scream! Anonymous
You’re proably wondering, scornfully, “Is LSP capable of serious thought?” Well, maybe not, but George Rutler is. Here’s the Upper East Side onetime Anglican on the discouraging “safe space” trend:

“Professors who never attained moral maturity themselves, reacted by providing “safe spaces” for students traumatized by reality. In universities across the land, by a sodality of silliness in the academic establishment, these “safe spaces” were supplied with soft cushions, hot chocolate, coloring books, and attendant psychologists. More than one university in the Ivy League provided aromatherapy along with friendly kittens and puppies for weeping students to cuddle. A college chaplaincy invited students to pray some prescribed litanies that offered God advice in an advisory capacity.

“The average age of a Continental soldier in the American Revolution was one year less than that of a college freshman today. Alexander Hamilton was a fighting lieutenant-colonel when 21, not to mention Joan of Arc who led an army into battle and saved France when she was about as old as an American college sophomore. In our Civil War, eight Union generals and seven Confederate generals were under the age of 25. The age of most U.S. and RAF fighter pilots in World War II was about that of those on college junior varsity teams. Catholics who hoped in this election for another Lepanto miracle will remember that back in 1571, Don Juan of Austria saved Western civilization as commanding admiral when he was 24.”

Don Juan was twenty four when he took down the Moslem sea jihad.  Ponder that and as you do, reflect on the West’s cultural devolution. Who will save us? Rome? Moscow?
I’m not a betting man but I’d lay odds on the latter. Then again, all the polls were confounded last Tuesday so perhaps there’s hope for the West yet.
Sink me, a Guinea on the Monkey.