Social media has erupted with death threats after a hunter posted pictures of himself on Facebook with “Libbo,” a rainbow unicorn which he shot inside the popular Washington DC game preserve, Hubristika.
Libbo, who was widely regarded as the world’s favorite unicorn, was shot last week  on a guided hunt in Hubristika, causing Twitter users to react with outrage and repeated calls for the real estate mogul turned hunter to be “killed” and “murdered.”

In Portland, Oregon, anguished unicorn lovers took to the streets in protest against the slaying, rioting and looting.

However, as one pundit commented, “Bwaah, bwaah, bwaah, bwaah, bwaah, bwaah, bwaah. Nobody cares.”

The hunter remains unrepentant and was reportedly offering UK politician and BREXIT architect, Nigel Farage, unicorn steaks in his iconic Golden Tower. “Sometimes you have to cull the herd,” he stated, “It’s conservation.”
Steaks on the grill,