So where you been, so-called ‘LSP,’ if that’s your real name, which we doubt, you mutter darkly. Well I’ll tell you, in Dallas, celebrating my sister BW’s birthday.
BW trying not to melt in the fierce Atumn sun
That meant going to Highland Park Village (HPV) for some scoff at “MiCo’s”, where you can sit outside and watch the parade go by, and what a parade it is. Bentleys, serious Mercedes, the occasional racing car, so helpful for navigating Turtle Creek!, and all of that. Well done, MiCo’s, for providing a box seat.
“Steal Those For Me.”
Then saunter across the way to Cafe Pacific and enjoy the afternoon bar. If you’re smart, you won’t spend all the money you’d saved up for duck season waders… on the way, gaze at some jewelry. 
A Typical HPV Interior
“Steal those for me, could you please,” said one well known English blogger and author, via the miracle of modern telephonic magic. I resisted the strong temptation.
A Real Crowd Pleaser…
But did “The Widow” pour in abundance at the cheery cafe? It most certainly did! Then it was time to head back to base and a Halloween party for the local ghouls and ghosts. Plenty of smiles from face to face to face, and big fun.
Shout loud,