Hillary Clinton was routed by Trump in an epic landslide victory last night, losing to the popular real-estate mogul by over 50 votes in the electoral college.
There were moments of knife-edge uncertainty as the rival candidates appeared to go neck and neck, the one representing the nation’s corrupt insider pay-to-play elitocracy and the other fighting the establishment in defense of the people. 
A Typical Golden Tower
Who would win? Here at the Compound we weren’t sure and odds were on the Inside-the-Beltway favorite and media darling, Killary. Sure enough, the side bets were going fast and furious on both sides of the Atlantic with the race seeming too close to call.
Then BOOM. State after state went red and the Democrats were wiped off the map; sorry, pollsters and associated NWO stooges, you got a smackdown.
Knees Buckle Loses Shoe
What will Hillary do now, as she stares down the continuing barrel of an FBI investigation into her malfeasant antics. Go into hiding? In Qatar? And what about the chipper little “Mook”? Perhaps he can find a job running a “bar” in San Francisco. 
Where’s all the emails, Huma?
Then there’s Podesta, the Crowleyite. Go on, set up a magicke shoppe in Chelsea, with your Priestess, Marina and the exotic Djinn, Huma. See where that gets you.
As one noted member of the Intelligence Community put it, “The Demon abandoned its host like a Remora dropping off a Shark.”
Too bad, millionaire socialist cabalists, there’s a new Boss in town, and he’s got a Golden Tower.
The Monkey King
This was all foretold by the Monkey King.
Libs, take note.