Imagine this island, owned by a really rich guy, where millionaires go to have their “needs serviced” by underage sex-slaves. They fly there on a special plane, the “Lolita Express” and get to indulge their deranged lust in a frenzy of orgiastic luxury. That sounds ridiculous, right? The stuff of cheap novels. Except that it’s not.
Jeffrey Epstein invited the rich and famous to his sex-slave island with a kind of devil-may-care profligate abandon and was sent to jail for his crimes. Bill Clinton was a favorite aboard the Lolita Express, go figure, and chalked up an impressive 22 flights on the orgy plane. Hillary went, too, but maybe it wasn’t really her thing, she only flew the Lolita 6 times.
Maybe you think this is absurd, ridiculous mudslinging and the product of a fevered imagination. You know, like emails that show Democrat Supremo, John Podesta, taking part in Satanic ritual magicke.
Go right ahead and think that but remember, it’s all a larf until you wake up and a demon’s gnawing on your inner thigh. Or ruling your country.
These people need to go.