It’s official, Donald Trump has won 304 votes in the Electoral College over rival Hillary Clinton’s 228, making him the 45th President of the United States.
Do you remember the risible attempts of the Hillaryites to derail Trump’s historic victory? Burning, looting, Jill Stein’s absurdly losing recounts, resurrecting the Cold War, the Russians did it! Really, the Russians did it? PR team, you’re fired. There they were, throwing their cocoa out of the crib as they messed their onesies on the way to the nearest safe space.
Go On, Hurry Up Then
One member of the intelligence community compared the spectacle to the suspiciously “pink” 5 stages of grief. Anger, denial, depression and so on; well get over it, Libs. America’s had enough of your rainbow riding antics and enough of 8 whole years of the dead hand of the Obama administration. What did that achieve?
Chaos in the Middle East, appeasement of radical Islam, the continued slide of our cities into urban hellholes, less real jobs, ever more debt and race tension at its highest point since the ’60s. But not to worry, the Supreme Court turned the country gay and we got a broken health scheme. Not so good, unless with Joe Biden you think that transsexualism is the “greatest civil rights issue of our time,” and weren’t forced to buy useless Obamacare. Then there was the famous War on Weather, massive unemployment, and on, and on, and on. 
It’s a pathetic track record, one that left normal Americans poorer, and the rotten bi-coastal, millionaire socialist elitocracy was given a deserved whipping at the vote. But will the golden towered Trump make America great again?
I sure hope so. Maybe part of that means defunding the baby parts selling abortion mill, Planned Parenthood. Maybe it’ll mean working with Russia to crush ISIS and the Jihad, and rebuilding our manufacturing industry. Let’s see.
In the meanwhile, he wins, again. Don’t forget to #LockHerUp.