Get up before first light, scan the perimeter and head down the road to the Cowboy Church’s men’s prayer breakfast; good bunch of guys. Then visit the sick and drive back to the Compound to take care of business. A pretty regular Friday morning, and then I got the call.
“Hey, LSP, I’ve got oars.”
“Oars?” I replied, sharp as a tack. 
“Yes, oars. To activate that boat. See you at the lease in an hour.”
“Right on.”
Look. Oars and a YETI. #TrumpsAmerica
Before too long I was staring at the old V Hull on the banks of the Big Pond, while GWB wrestled with oars. The idea being to get the thing in working order to serve as a short order duck craft and fishing boat. Get out there, round up those decoys and ducks and catch those monster bass, type of deal.
A Duck Hunter
Sure enough, the oars worked and worked well, though I dismally failed to catch anything. Still, it was neat to navigate the pond and check out potential places to shoot from the water.
Blind as a Bat 
Blue Champion had a good time too, rolling about in the field, challenging aggressive cows and generally carrying on like a dog. It was good for him to get out and though he’s pretty blind these days it doesn’t seem to faze him. He’s well capable of running on nose and ears.
A Typical Blind
Recce patrol over, it was time to return to the Compound, “See you tomorrow at 0600,” said GWB, who’s an avid duck hunter. Well, I woke up at 0500 to the sound of pounding rain and promptly fell back to sleep.
Next time.