Two rainbow riders, Dan Goldstein and his “wife”, Matthew Lasner, weren’t too happy when they noticed that Ivanka Trump was flying commercial with them on JetBlue. So Matthew’s “husband,” Dan, decided to verbally attack President Trump’s attractive daughter.
Gay Dan
“Your father is ruining the country,” said Gay Dan to Ivanka as she looked after her children. According to one account, Degenerate Dan then started screaming, “Why is she on our flight. She should be flying private.”
Pink Matt
Gay Dan and Pink Matt were subsequently kicked off the flight for their rude and abusive behavior, even though Ivanka, who is known for her kindness and good looks, asked that the airline didn’t make it a “thing.”
You can read the whole sordid tale of two rich homosexual libs abusing a woman who was looking after her children, here.
Ivanka before she was attacked by Gay Dan
What do you think should happen to the two degenerate rainbow riders, as you ask yourself why the Secret Service didn’t shoot Gay Dan and Pink Matt. Here’s Sig’s take:

An example needs to be made. Limbs must be broken, teeth forcibly excavated and ears removed to tag them for further study.

Good call, Sig. 
What do you think?