My not-so-smart-phone buzzed like an angry locust as a text came screeching through the ether. “WHERE’S MELANIA MONDAYS!” OK, OK, BW, calm down, no one’s forgotten and here it is, the next installment of the ever popular series on Melania, America’s attractive and popular First Lady.
Melania, Looking Typically Good
What’s Melania been up to? Going to Christmas Eve Mass in a mini dress, for a start, and guess what, the crowd cheered. Who can blame them? Not us, that’s for sure.
But what do you think. Was the stylish and kind presidential consort somehow inappropriate in her impeccable dress sense? Not according to the cheering congregation, no doubt about it.
Merry Christmas, Melania!
Here at the Compound, we wish Melania the very best Christmastide.
There’s that ‘phone again! “CHOP, CHOP,” it says.