Some people don’t like Mondays, they feel it brings the whole week down. But we don’t feel that way at the Compound. And that’s because Monday means Melania Mondays! and a chance for one and all to get an uplifting glimpse of the stylish, attractive and clever First Lady in waiting.
Imperial Melania
So what’s the attractive and popular Melania been up to since last Monday? Only forcing the aggressively overweight sapphist, Rosie O’Donnell to apologize for bullying Barron. Well done, Melania, standing up for children everywhere! But there’s a cloud on the horizon.
Elegant Melania
Michelle Obama’s clothes designers won’t make dresses for Melania. Disaster! Or not. Team consensus is that our kind and lighthearted Presidential Consort isn’t too threatened by this. Don’t ask us why, it’s just a feeling, call it “instinct” if you like.
Oh my…
Just think, soon we’ll have Melania in the White House, once she’s sorted out Barron’s schooling. Will that make a difference from what we’ve been forced to look at for the last eight long years?
You, the readers, be the judge.