It being #TrumpsAmerica, it only seemed right to walk off big steaks and go on patrol. That’s right, night patrol, with Blue Combat Team. (BCT)
Watch My Tracer!
There weren’t any enemies, luckily for them, but there were lots of lights. Good looking neighborhood; not so long ago it was ghetto. That’s changed. Watch out for sticker shock, new arrivals.
We RV’d at a wine store, thanks, gentrification, and bought some claret. Good price and it makes a change, being from France and all. Then back to base.
Less Hood, More Vinters
The dollar stores, tattoo parlors and used tire shops have turned into a restaurant, “Bistro,” thank you very much, a bookbinder and a children’s shop. I’d be surprised if you could come out of the children’s shop without paying less than a set of All Terrains.
Light it Up
Price aside, it’s a good development. Less ghetto please, more safe, pleasant neighborhoods to walk about in.
A Typical Druid
Was I armed? That’s a secret.
Glocks Forever,