So waddya do, so-called ‘LSP’, when you’re not hanging with Putin on Snapchat, Lavrov on Instagram and Mad Dog Mattis on Twitter. Cleaning Glocks, ARs? Yeah, sure, all of that, but mostly I’m about tree Wrangling.
That means going to Home Depot, in the evil metrospawl, picking out a tree, putting the beast in the rig and driving it home.
Then put it in the stand, have a glass of sherry and ponder the iniquity of the world. Next step, get some lights on the tree and consider the popular grassroots campaign to take Hagia Sophia back from the Turk.
Win The Firefight
Moment of glory over, hang some decs on the tree; clip-on birds are important. Stand back and look for fake news, cover the holes in the story with ornaments and consider it a job well done.
In between the action, put lights up outside. And that, readers, is the story of that. 
Clip-on Birds Are key

Make America Great Again.
God bless,