The Democrats can’t seem to get over the fact that the worst candidate they ever ran for President in history since Julius Streicher  the highly qualified, competent, experienced and polished Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election.
There it was, drip, drip, drip, a daily diet of DNC inner-circle emails, damning the Democratic Party rulers for an unsavory, scheming, bi-coastal millionaire socialist elitocracy that didn’t give a damn about anything other than power. Those emails, Hillary just couldn’t get away from them. 
Then out popped the Weiner days before the election, and the FBI had to do something. They still are, in fact. Well, it didn’t look good and the country noticed; sorry, Hillary, we’re not voting for you, you’re too freakishly deceitful and corrupt. 
And you have this terrible voice, and you’re sick, and John Podesta worships Satan. And by the way, you and your globalist millionaire socialist pals have given all our jobs to Asia.
So she  lost but it wasn’t her fault, it couldn’t be, she’s so awesome! And the scapegoat factory went into overdrive. Who to choose? Putin, of course, the nationalist nemesis, who may be a millionaire but he’s not a socialist player in the mega rich New World Order elitocracy. It’s his fault. Boom. Russian hackers did it, they stole the election from the most brilliantly qualified candidate ever.
If you believe that, you’re even stupider than you look. Go on, ask Keith Olberman.
Sorry Libs. You misread America and you lost, you lost hard.
Gun Rights,