What’s it like, living in a rural farming community in Texas, where not having a pick up truck marks you as weirdly eccentric. I went for a walk to find out.
Irish Texas
Apparently it’s about Ireland, which is why the local filling station’s called Shamrock, or is it? The Shamrock may be Irish but it sure sells a lot of Mexican food. It’s also run by Nepalese; I know this because I’ve asked them and we talk about the Gurkhas. Sometimes they salute me, Brit style, which is appropriate, if weird.
Dog Texas
I pondered that as I made my way back to the Compound with Blue Congressman. Why would a family from Nepal end up running a pick ‘n steal in rural Texas, selling Mexican food in an Irish filling station. For that matter, why is there a Mongolian “buffet” in the town, run by real Mongolians as opposed to Mexicans? (don’t eat there…) Why are people from the farthest reaches of the world coming to the Lone Star State?
Well, the answer’s obvious. Because Texas is awesome.