The fight against evil doesn’t stop because there’s a bit of fog on the road, making Lake Whitney look like a scene from an Arthurian legend. That’s why you have to climb in your truck and brave the fog of war on the weather to get to Mass.
Also, like any soldier, you need to eat right in order to take the fight to the enemy, so I’m grateful for all the spaghetti suggestions and offer the following update.
I like everything about this safe space.
One senior member of the intelligence community sent in this helpful tip: “You might want to add some gunpowder for flavor.” Good call, I will. An art philosopher recommended “a pinch of sugar” to reduce acidity and Marmite as a flavor enhancer. Well said, I’ll take that as an imperative! Then a well known nature theologian said “add some shrooms!” Alright, I will.
Another pundit again told me to add some ginger nutmeg and a bit of chili powder to the sauce “because that’s the way the Italians do it.” Right on, I’m up for it.
Some Italian Handgun
Then there’s the gun. Several firearms specialists said “no, a handgun is not ‘optional’,” you need it to “defend your dinner.” OK, I’m convinced. Logic.
Defend Your Dinner! And Your Rods! With, er, a .303 Battle Rifle.
So thank you for the helpful suggestions. The quest for the perfect Spaghetti Bolognese continues.
God bless,