Hundreds of thousands of people marched through Washington DC today to protest the rights of the unborn child. This is an old march and well attended, some 650,000 were present in 2013 and today’s event was in the ballpark. 
However, the smug, corrupt, elite leftist media has mostly ignored it. They always do, they’re anti-life. This is an article of faith for them, like the Creed for orthodox Christians.
They would far rather report on Madonna, Ashley Judd and a Sharia Muslim march whose protesters wear hats representing a special part of the female anatomy, which I can’t name because this is a family blog. 
Mike Spence VP
However, the March For Life drew unqualified, unprecedented, historic support from our new Administration. Trump’s VP, Mike Spence, addressed the march as did Trump’s PR strategist, Kellyanne Conway. The President himself told the marchers that they had his “full support.”
This has never happened before. The last administration was vehemently in favor of abortion to the extent of campaigning on the platform, and Bush/Reagan went so far as to offer messages of encouragement, but no active presence.
March For Life
That changed today with top level members of the new government addressing the hundreds of thousands strong march.
Here’s a thought. Planned Parenthood, the abortion mill, is given over $1 million dollars a day in taxpayer money. Their budget is in the region of a $1 billion and their leader, Cecile Richards, gets a pleasant $500k. Nice socialist money if you can make it. But why should any of us pay for another person’s abortion? 
Bad Actors
Leaving aside the ethics of the act itself, why should US taxpayers fund Cecile Richards’ operation? Abortion may be right, I think it isn’t, or it may be wrong, I think it is. But does it count as some kind of universally self-evident common good that we should all contribute to? I don’t think so.

My teeth, on the other hand, are a different matter. All contributions gratefully received.
Defund Planned Parenthood. Take away their Lamborghinis.