So what’s it like in Texas on New Year’s day? Well, it’s not bad. First things first, go to Mass and celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name. As you do, reflect on the power of the Name, Jesus, God Saves. How does this correlate to the Tetragrammaton, the unspeakable Name of Yahweh? 
Random Kitchen Drawer Glock
Perhaps it’s that in flesh, incarnate; the unspeakable become speakable, man divinised, finite and infinite as one in the person of the God Man, Jesus. Whatever the case, his Name is stamped or engraved upon our names and I preached on that theme. Of course the idea is to live up to that, by the grace of God.
The Watcher
Then, Masses over, you head back to the Compound for a feast of leftovers and the happy thought of our current crew of self-serving millionaire socialists being kicked out of power.
Good work, America. You didn’t elect The Witch.
Maybe there’s hope for us all yet.