I drove to a suburb of Fort Worth this morning. It took one and a half hours to get there, the worst of which was through the metrosprawl. Someone hasn’t told the DFW civic planners that highways running through, across and over a town doesn’t make for a pleasant urban environment. Visit Venice and see its famous 6 lane highway bisecting St. Mark’s Square! said no tourist brochure ever.
Seriously, after a good few thousand years of Western civilization, you’d think we could do better than turn our cities into roads. Like, what’s best to live in, a city or a road? Let’s think about that; road, city, city, road, hmmmm… road? 
Road trip over, I ended up at the cathedral, which is a good church, and went to a meeting. A bishop who I like very much was there and had a parrot on his shoulder. It’s an aggressive beast and attacks people who try to pet it.
At the end of the meeting I drove back home through the ‘sprawl to the countryside. Blue Exertion was there, taking it easy in the sun and I don’t blame him. 
Later on today I’ll drive to another church and, by the end of it all, feel like a travelling salesman. But hey, all in a good cause.
If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill it.