Lena Del Rey is all about casting spells against our President, Donald Trump. That’s because she’s a witch. Witches use magic to get things, in this case, the overthrow of an elected President because he’s against high taxes, no borders and Islamic terrorism. 
Looking Good, Lynn, How’s That Pact Workin’ Out?

He’s also against globalism, too, unlike Hillary, Lynn de Rothschild and Tony Blair. The witches didn’t protest and cast spells against Lynn and her friends. Why would that be?
Witch Way, Magicke Sister?
Are their eyes wide shut? And, for what it’s worth, since when was it fascist for a country to have borders, seriously, since when?
A Typical Globalist Party
Since the billionaire satanists took over the narrative? While you ponder that, check out this email chain. What “penance” does Hillary owe LdR, apart from being a rube in the house of Luciferian wealth and power.
Out demons, out,